How do I get services started?

You can call our office at 701-204-0418, and set up an appointment for a free, in home visit, where we will find out what your needs are and customize a plan that will help meet those needs.

What is Northland Care Coordination for Seniors (NCCS)?

We are an at home health care program that helps seniors to live in their home healthier, safer, and more independently. This program provides clients, their families, caregivers, and professional health care providers support to meet health care needs and improve care and their quality of life.

Who is would benefit from this program?

Anyone who needs at home care!  Predominantly people aged 55 and older, that need some assistance to remain living in their own home, typically those living with certain disabilities or health issues that require some degree of daily living assistance.  Also, those who are the primary caregiver for their family members and need some Respite Care services would also benefit from our program.

How are the Services Covered?

NCCS offers services in home senior care that is typically covered by Long Term Care Insurance.  We would gladly take a look at your current policy to see if our services are covered under your benefit.

Other options for coverage are Private Pay, Home and Community Based Services and the ND Family Caregiver Respite Care Program.

Why would you participate in this program with all the options in the market today?

Most people underestimate how important home is to seniors. The NCCS services allows the participants to work with a team that collaborates and recommends only what they need and gives peace of mind that someone is coordinating their overall health care and day to day living needs.

What are some of the services that are unique to this program?

We make managing your healthcare needs our priority through our unique Care Coordination Services.  Your Care Coordinator is your teammate when it comes to navigating through your own healthcare needs.  Your Coordinator can help communicate and coordinator with your doctor, family and other resources that are helping you remain living healthy, safely and independently in your own home.   Our caregivers are trained to interact with you in a way to promote independence and well-being.  You, being in control of your life and your health.

Are your caregivers trained, bonded and insured?

Yes, all of our caregivers are carefully screened, extensively trained and continually managed through our program.

Can the Coordinator help me understand my medications?


Does the Coordinator visit me in my home?


Will the Coordinator help me get home safety devices?




Northland Care Coordination

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